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On 9/10 March 2020, ERA-LEARN together with the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation, organised a workshop that aimed to support the preparation of future European Partnerships with Member States. The workshop was targeted at representatives of candidate Partnerships, national ministries, major national/regional funding agencies and Commission services involved in the preparation.
More than 150 participants discussed critical issues and bottlenecks related to governance and coherence, developing Strategic Research and Innovation Agendas, implementation of joint calls, activities beyond joint calls, financial management, synergies as well as management of data on calls, projects and other activities.

We would like to thank all participants for their contributions and the fruitful discussions.
All presentations from all sessions as well as videos from the plenary sessions, including an introduction by Director-General Jean-Eric Paquet, are available.

Video Recording

Horizon Europe will support European Partnerships to deliver on the objectives of Horizon Europe and the priorities of the European Union through concerted research and innovation (R&I) effort with the Member States, private sector, foundations and other stakeholders. European Partnerships allow bringing together a broad range of actors to work towards a common vision and translating it into concrete roadmaps and coordinated implementation of activities. It provides means to link R&I closely to policy needs, develop synergies with national and regional programmes, and turn research into socio-economic results. As such, Partnerships are powerful approaches for developing solutions to global challenges and drive transformation towards achieving the SDGs.

Horizon Europe resets the Commission’s policy to R&I partnerships, and introduces a more strategic, coherent and impact-driven approach. This means going beyond the goal of bringing together actors to develop a joint agenda, and launching calls for collaborative research. Partnerships need to have higher ambition, which involves a strong commitment from partners to achieve common EU objectives, as well as developing a systemic approach for the take-up of innovative solutions.

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