Workshop ‘Mental Well-Being and Joy of Work in Times of Pandemic’

Data - 03/12/2020
10:00 - 12:30

Living during an unprecedented global pandemic induces many challenges in personal and work lives of millions of people worldwide. How to sustain motivation and well-being in the midst of restrictions, lockdowns and isolation?

The webinar Mental Well-being and the Joy of Work in Times of Pandemic organised by the Estonian Research Council will discuss these questions and provide opportunity to the Nordic and Baltic research managers to exchange best practices and lessons learnt from spring until now.

An invited guest researcher, Dr Kelli Lehto from the University of Tartu will open the webinar with her presentation How to Keep It Going During a Global Pandemic? A Scientific Point of View. Her talk will cover topics ranging from the basics of human motivation to favourable action strategies to keep up work motivation.

After that, the floor will be given to the colleagues who kindly agreed to share their know-how:

Marlis Erichsen from the Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science
Erik Litborn from VINNOVA
Ivonne Herrera from the Research Council of Norway


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