Webinar on the Open access publishing requirements in the Horizon Europe programme

Data - 10/06/2021
13:00 - 15:00

On Thursday, June 10, from 13:00-15:00 (EET), the Estonian Research Council (ETAg) will organize a webinar on the open access publishing requirements in the Horizon Europe programme. The webinar will consist of two parts: the first one will be held in English and the second one in Estonian, providing an insight to the subject matter specifically in the Estonian context.

Invited speaker expert Victoria Tsoukala (Policy Officer on Open Access and European Open Science Cloud) from the European Commission as our first speaker. This part of the webinar will cover the topics of the research publishing requirements in Horizon Europe as well as introduction to the new open access publishing platform Open Research Europe (ORE). This session will be held in English and will last approximately one hour.

After a short break, we will continue a webinar in Estonian, where Marika Meltsas (Head of the Department of the Estonian Research Information System, ETAg) will talk about the local publication requirements and researchers’ practices as well as about Estonian Research Information System (ETIS).

You are welcome to ask the presenters the questions during the event or also sending them ahead by e-mail to: Siiri.Kolka@etag.ee.

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