Personalising Health Industry

Data - 15/10/2020 - 16/10/2020


For personalising health industry, it is essential to identify those factors that are critical for a transition towards business models supporting this approach, as it is in many respects fundamentally different from general practice today. In the interest of EU citizens, possible hurdles for health industry need to be identified that may impede the translation of scientific innovation into useful personalised products. An analysis along the value chain of personalised medicine development points to a high relevance of later stage aspects such as approval, provision and reimbursement as possible barriers. But also early stage aspects need consideration, like access to and sharing of population- as well as patient-specific biomedical-knowledge, differing requirements, culture and time-lines for the (co-)development of diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, as well as IP. In addition, access to financial resources for innovative new market entries as well as for established, but innovative SME shall be considered.


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