Funding Interdisciplinary Research with the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Data - 10/11/2020
13:00 - 14:15

The SHAPE-ID Policy Brief recommends that funders and policy makers invite greater Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (AHSS) participation in designing and evaluating inter- and transdisciplinary research funding calls and adapt funding instruments to acknowledge some of the unique features of inter- and transdisciplinarity, such as the time it takes to build mutually respectful collaborations. But what are the challenges for funding agencies on the ground, and how have they innovated in developing funding programmes? The webinar will invite representatives of funding agencies from different European countries to discuss their challenges and efforts to develop funding programmes with AHSS involvement in inter- and transdisciplinary research. Professor Jane Ohlmeyer (Trinity College Dublin), Principal Investigator of the SHAPE-ID project and Chair of the Irish Research Council, will chair the discussion.


  • Professor Milena Žic Fuchs | University of Zagreb
  • Tobias Bade Strøm | The Research Council of Norway
  • Peter Brown | Irish Research Council

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