Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

Data - 12/02/2021
11:30 - 13:00

Considering that Europe has a quarter of all cancer cases and less than 10% of the world’s population, it is evident that cancer is a huge threat to our society. The overall economic impact of cancer in Europe is EUR 100billion annually. Evidenceshowsthataround40%ofcancercasesintheEUcanbeprevented,however, only 3% of health budgets is spent on health promotion and disease prevention. The scope for action is therefore immense.

The adoption of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan marks the beginning of a new era in cancer prevention and care. With its policy objectives, supported by ten flagship initiatives and multiple supporting actions, the Plan will help Europe to lead in the fight against cancer and will support Member States and stakeholders turn the tide against cancer.

The aim of this webinar is an opportunity to inform the public in more detail about the Cancer Plan, to have an exchange on the content and to discuss how stakeholders can support the implementation of the Plan and its actions.

Supporting documents:

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan

EU cancer policy

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