Drone-Days 2.0 matchmaking event

Data - 22/10/2020
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Anchored in the brand new DroneDays 2.0 Convention design and location, the matchmaking will bring participants new opportunities to further develop their business in a competitive way, via  the civil and commercial application & use of drones.

The matchmaking  event – powered by Enterprise Europe Brussels c/o hub.brussels  in collaboration with Enterprise Europe Network – is part of the DroneDays 2.0 Convention.

REASONS to COME this year :

  • Qualified and pre-selected B2B on-line meeting, on-line thematic conferences (see Program page)
  • Get insights on HorizonEurope  – Drone and Security-related topics (B2B part and conference with @Seren4 and @NCPBrussels) to set up R&DI consortia
  • TECHNICAL CHALLENGES from LARGE ACCOUNTS (HERE), looking for solutions from innovative, fast reacting SMEs
  • Synergies with ETNA 2020 (NCP Transport) network to provide ALL DroneDays participants with additional opportunities to identify qualified contacts for mid-to-long term collaborations

WHO should participate?

  • Security players
  • Civil security (civil protection, fire brigades, first responders, private players)
  • Drone companies (service providers, products’ manufacturers, etc)
  • Economic and academic players active in more traditional sectors

Participant types

  • Companies / Start-up
  • Universities / Research Centres
  • Associations/Federations
  • Public Authorities/Governmental organisations
  • NGOs
  • Investors / Finance / Business Angels
  • Clusters

WHY participating?

As a drone company, meet representatives from end-users sectors and discuss win-win collaborations.

As a company from a more traditional sector, do NOT dismiss a new technology as irrelevant to what you do, since it could turn out to to be a great opportunity … for YOUR competitors !

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