Brokerage event on AI in Research Application

Data - 07/10/2019
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On 7 October 2019 the Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation (CZELO), together with the VSB – Technical University of OstravaUniversity of Žilina and Silesian University of Technology jointly organize a workshop and brokerage event around selected topics of the current Horizon 2020 calls related to Artificial intelligence in research applications. The event will take place at the premises of the Rue du Trone 98, Brussels from 12.30 – 17.30. Please find attached the draft agenda.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is in the heart of the ongoing major transformation of European society, economy, and industry. It is the driving force that enables practical applications of new, previously infeasible, functionalities such as computer vision, virtual assistants, chatbots, virtual and augmented reality, autonomous driving, self-adaptation and intelligent control, smart homes and cities, intelligent transportation and so on. Together with big data processing and machine learning, basic as well as application-driven AI research is essential for the development of the next generation of products and services across all areas. This event will sum up current directions of AI research and applications, point out the most pressing open application problems that ought to be addressed by AI, and facilitate networking between various actors in the field of AI research and applications.


The workshop will provide an international discussion forum and informal networking event over the topics related to all aspects of research and applications of AI and their relation to European and international policies and funding. It will take advantage of the specific challenges, unique research environment, national and regional research policies, and the application potential of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Poland. Since the total number of the participants is limited to 40, the preference will be given to the researchers with the concrete project idea.


Registration for the event is available at deadline for registration is 30 September 2019.

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