An introduction to Horizon Europe – Expert Insights

Data - 03/12/2020
12:00 - 13:00

Together with Gabriella, Managing Director at Europa Media Non-Profit, you will learn about the structure of Horizon Europe, the upcoming research and innovation Programme, which is causing many project managers and financial experts to be always on the lookout for the latest EC releases and news.

This expert session will answer the questions of what is most likely to be funded, what are the major changes in the proposal templates, as well as the main notions and differences in evaluation, reporting, and finance.

This free webinar is presented by EMDESK in cooperation with Europa Media Trainings and Gabriella Lovász as a speaker. Over the past 17 years, Gabriella has managed and coordinated EU-funded projects under a broad range of EU programmes. Her direct involvement in developing and implementing projects under these programmes, has given her an extensive knowledge of the EU funding system.

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