IMI2 – Call 21 on the development of therapeutics and diagnostics combatting coronavirus infections


IMI is planning a fast-track Call for proposals on combatting coronavirus infections (particularly COVID-19) to be launched in early March.

Draft Call documents


Scope of the Call

The scope of the Call is broad and proposals must address one of the following objectives:

  • development of antivirals as well as other types of therapeutics to address a rapid response to the current COVID-19 outbreak;
  • development of therapeutics to address the current and/or future coronavirus outbreaks;
  • development of diagnostics, ensuring rapid evaluation of candidates based on existing technologies;
  • development of fast and reliable tools that go beyond the state of the art for detection of COVID-19 carriers and symptomatic individuals suspected of COVID-19 infection.

Preventive vaccines are specifically excluded from the scope of the Call.


IMI will hold a webinar on IMI2 – Call 21 on Wednesday 4 March at 14:30. For details and to register, visit the webinar page.

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