HORIZON Dashboard: Take data on board

The Horizon Dashboard is an intuitive and interactive reportingplatform, composed of a set of sheets that allows series of views to discover and filter the Horizon 2020 data. The aim of the Horizon Dashboard is to facilitate data sharing, providing public access to real-time programme data in an easy, flexible and user-friendly manner.

The Horizon Dashboard offers:
■ An accessible, user friendly, open to the public reference for the H2020 implementation data
■ Fit-for-purpose filter options including thematic, geographical and regional views
■ Powerful analytical functions
■ Rich and instant data visualisation with multiple attractive maps and graphs which can be extracted for re-use
■ Tailor-made statistics according to your needs

In this way, the Horizon dashboard may contribute to preparing your future research and innovation project(s) through an easier identification of possible research topics and partners and supporting your communication , dissemination activities by providing input for informative material.

Find the manuals how to use platform here.

Reach the platform here.

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