Research Council of Lithuania launches a call for proposals to attract internationally recognised professors to bring together international research teams in Lithuania


Research Council of Lithuania announces the launch of the Distinguished Professors Programme and calls out high level and world-renowned scientists to bring together international research teams in Lithuania to carry out large-scale research with distinguished results. This call for proposals, dedicated to attract internationally recognized professors, is the second stage of a programme for attracting researchers to Lithuania.

“We invite scientistswho have international experience to lead a team of researchers and seek significant scientific results through new practices and advanced research methods. Up-and-coming groups of scientists, whose research needs advanced research infrastructure or modern equipment, have great potential to work in Lithuania and their experience will be taken over by younger colleagues,” says prof. Ričardas Rotomskis

Up to 1 million euros has been allocated per project of the Distinguished Professors Programme using the European Union investment funds’ resources. Projects with high-level and adaptable research results will receive funding and will be carried out by an international research team in Lithuania for a period of 3 to 3.5 years. Research team must be led by a high-level researcher who has conducted research for the last 6 years, of which at least 5 years abroad. It is expected that young researchers will also be involved in research teams. The funds will cover not only research, salaries and business trips, but also the expenses of relocation of foreign researchers.

Proposals for the Distinguished Professors Programme are accepted until December 2, 2019. Terms and conditions of this call are announced in the Call for Proposals and leaflet in English (PDF).

Programme was initiated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Lithuania and the Research Council of Lithuania. The programme is funded by European Union Investment funds under the activity “Improving researchers’ qualification by brain gain and reintegration” (Distinguished Professors Programme). Coordinator – the Research Council of Lithuania.


For more information Egle Miltakiene, +370 604 76 394,

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