Joint statement of support for the academic and research community of Ukraine by Brussels-based research & innovation liaison offices.

Brussels-based research & innovation liaison offices came up with a joint statement of support for the academic and research community of Ukraine.

The statement is brought forward by members of our offices, who are close to Ukraine geographically and who share with it the dark pages of violent past of the 20th century. This is of particular concern to us – the first signatories of this statement – who come from countries like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Finland.

Today, we stand together and strongly condemn this unjustified invasion, occupation and destruction of independent Ukraine. We are deeply touched and concerned about the fate of our peers – members of the academic and research community of Ukraine. Thus, we commit to work tirelessly to make the necessary support available to all students, researchers and academics currently at risk. We must demonstrate to our dearest friends from Ukraine that the European Research Area and European Education Area are not just EU policies, but profound and tangible European values. We believe strongly, that Ukraine and its academic and research community belongs here as well.

You can find the full text of the joint statement at

With this message, we invite you to join us and express your solidarity with our peers in Ukraine by endorsing this joint statement. You can do it in your personal capacity via the online form. We will be updating the website periodically, so to update the list of supporting individuals.



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