Connecting Visions: Transforming European Healthcare through Research & Innovation

The conference titled ‘Research & Innovation Transforming European Healthcare’ brought together representatives from science, business, and government in Europe and Turkey. Hosted by the Permanent Representation of Slovenia to the EU on November 16, 2023, the event was organized by the Slovenian Business and Research Association (SBRA) in collaboration with Istanbul IT Valley, Boğaziçi University, the Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office in Brussels (LINO), the NCBR Office in Brussels, Eötvös Loránd University, and the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office in Hungary.

Tadas Tumėnas, Head of the LINO Office, emphasized the conference’s significance, particularly in fostering international dialogue and networking for various initiatives in European healthcare development. Throughout the day, participants engaged in intensive discussions on current EU healthcare policies and programs, exploring collaborative initiatives and research partnerships. The researchers’ presentations played a crucial role in disseminating innovative ideas and highlighting significant achievements.

Constructive conversations with representatives from the European Commission and other distinguished speakers took place, contributing substantially to shaping the direction of European healthcare research. Conference materials, including presentations, can be accessed here.  Additionally, a prepared catalogue of researchers, aimed at facilitating international partnerships, is available here.


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