UK Participation in EU Programmes for Research, Innovation and Higher Education

UK participation in Horizon Europe and other EU programmes

As part of the agreement reached between the UK and the EU, the UK has announced that it will associate to Horizon Europe subject to ratification of the overall deal and finalisation of the regulations. Association will give UK scientists, researchers and businesses access to funding under the programme on equivalent terms as organisations in EU countries. The next step is for both sides to formally adopt the full text of the agreement taking into account the finalised EU Programme Regulations.

The timeline for UK association is to be confirmed but draft text in the EU-UK Declarations sets out an ambition for the UK to associate to Horizon Europe in time to participate from the beginning of the programmes.

“It is the Parties’ firm intention that the Specialised Committee on Participation in Union Programmes will adopt the Protocols at the earliest opportunity to allow their implementation as soon as possible, in particular with the ambition that United Kingdom entities would be able to participate from the beginning of the programmes and activities identified, ensuring relevant arrangements and agreements are in place, insofar as possible and in accordance with Union legislation.”

The UK also reached agreement with the EU and Euratom to associate to the next Euratom Research & Training (R&T) Programme 2021-2025 subject to ratification of the overall deal and finalisation of the regulations.

A new Turing scheme starting in September 2021 will replace the UK’s participation in Erasmus+. The programme will provide similar opportunities for students to study and work abroad as the Erasmus+ programme and will include countries across the world.

Where can I find official resources?
The UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) website provides latest information on UK participation in Horizon 2020.
• UKRO, UKRI’s European office, is based in Brussels, provides additional services and information to subscribers to ensure they can best engage with EU funding.
• UK Government guidance on EU-funded programmes under the Withdrawal Agreement and on Horizon 2020.
• The official statements on the EU-UK relationship are available on a dedicated European Commission website and the UK Government page.
• UK Government provides information on EU Funded Programmes under the Withdrawal Agreement.

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