The Lithuanian Research Council celebrated its 30th years anniversary

2021 is a jubilee year for the Lithuanian Research Council. The Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania established an expert institution to advise the Parliament and the Government on science policy issues.

The thirtieth anniversary marks not only a period of activity for the Council, but also for the growth of the research and scientific community. By supporting and creating the most favorable conditions for conducting research, the Council develops and nurtures an active scientific community, the achievements of which enrich not only Lithuanian, but also European and world society, and make a significant contribution to the most significant decisions and Lithuania’s future.

We ended the jubilee year with an event greeted by Jolanta Karpavičienė, Chief Adviser to the President of the Republic of Lithuania on Education, Science and Culture, Chairman of the Education and Science Committee of the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania prof. Artūras Žukauskas, Minister of Education, Science and Sports of the Republic of Lithuania dr. Jurgita Šiugždinienė. The leaders of Science Europe, the Estonian Science Council, the Latvian Science Council and the Polish National Science Center welcomed the distance. At the event, philosopher, sociologist prof. Zenonas Norkus presented the report “Why is the Progress of Science Expensive?”, As well as the trio of doctoral students and graduates of the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater “Opus 88”.

We thank the members of all terms of office of the Lithuanian Science Council, first of all the chairmen prof. Eugenijui Butkui, prof. Dainius H. Pauza and prof. Valdemaras Razumas, as well as the staff who created and are creating the history of the Lithuanian Science Council, and all those who contributed to fostering the activities of the Council and the achievements of Lithuanian science.

We thank all the guests who attended the event – university rectors, heads of research institutes, experts from the European Horizon groups, partners from other ministries, CPMA, MITA, the French Institute, SKVC, STRATA, UNESCO and many other friends of the Council.

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