The EU Research and innovation programme (2021-27)


Research and innovation provide new knowledge and innovative solutions to overcome our societal, ecological and economic challenges.
Horizon Europe helps researchers and top class innovators to develop and deploy their ideas. It supports excellent science by teaming up the best talent and equipping them with world-class infrastructures. Moreover, it supports breakthrough innovations and helps to create new services and markets.

Novelties to advance progress:

  1. Support breakthrough innovation > European Innovation Council
  2. Deliver targeted solutions to societal challenges together with citizens > EU missions
  3. Rationalise the funding landscape > Streamlined approach to European Partnerships
  4. Strengthen international cooperation > extended association possibilities
  5. Reinforce openness > Open Science policy
  6. Encourage participation and decrease the R&I gap in Europe > widening participation
    and spreading excellence
  7. Increase the R&I impact > synergies with other EU programmes and policies
  8. Reduce administrative burden > simpler rules

All review on Horizon Europe can be found here.

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