Smart investment in Europe’s cities with the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen

Date/ Time: 3 December at 10:00 am CET

The Joint Research Centre, in collaboration with the Global Forum of Local Governments, is organizing (Thursday, 3 December, 10:00 am CET) an online seminar on urban strategies for the recovery in the light of the New European Bauhaus initiative, launched by President Von der Leyen in the 2020 State of the EU speech.

President Von der Leyen herself and JRC’s Director General Stephen Quest will be introducing the online seminar. Commission officials and top-level policymakers from local governments around Europe will discuss how the urgency of using the recovery funds can be squared with the need to concentrate on transforming our cities so that they are greener, more inclusive, and more beautiful to live in.

The NEB aims to bring together different disciplines in a non-traditional way, focusing on urban resilience, digitization, recycling and the circular economy linked to architecture, landscape design and urban planning, engineering, industrial design, marketing or the social sciences as a whole, to shape the cities of the future.

The NEB combines a high-level ambition (the European Green Deal) with a bottom-up approach (being close to people), intrinsically linked to the lives of citizens and cities as places where a multitude of phenomena take place at the same time, they interact with people, spaces and functions. In this context, it foresees three main phases:

  1. Design – ensure an integrated and multidisciplinary synthesis, amalgamating input and suggestions from stakeholders in the broader context of urban development and planning;
  2. Delivery – assess the feasibility of the proposals, bring together the visions and the solutions envisaged to guarantee the necessary European dimension in terms of equity, cohesion and general sustainability (both locally and globally);
  3. Disseminate – develop socio-economic perspectives of specific and innovative technical / engineering scenarios and identify good practices.

This session will aim to examine how the New European Bauhaus initiative can inspire the thinking of local governments in the pursuit of sustainable urban development in the context of recovery efforts.

You are all cordially invited to tune, find more information and full programme here.

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