Research security and technologies with dual-use potential in the EU (webinar series)


Lithuanian RDI Liaison Office in Brussels (LINO), the NCBR Office in Brussels – Business & Science Poland, the Slovenian Business & Research Association, Eötvös Loránd University, Corvinus University of Budapest and the National Research, Development, and Innovation Office in Hungary have the pleasure to invite you to the virtual series on Research security and technologies with dual-use potential in the EU which take place on Thursday 29 February at 10:00 and on Monday 4 March at 14:00.

Recently, the Commission introduced two initiatives aimed at fortifying the EU’s research security and addressing the challenges posed by dual-use technologies at a time of geopolitical tensions and transformative technological shifts.
The first initiative focuses on elevating research security throughout the EU. The Commission has put forth a proposal for a Council Recommendation designed to offer enhanced clarity, guidance, and support to Member States and the broader research and innovation sector. This aims to assist in mitigating risks to research security and ensuring that international cooperation in research and innovation remains both open and secure.

The second initiative, known as the White Paper, outlines various options to bolster research and development in technologies with dual-use potential. In an open public consultation, public authorities, civil society, industry, and academia are invited to provide their insights, shaping the Commission’s future actions until April 30, 2024.
The primary objective of the webinar series is to introduce and delve into both initiatives, fostering an in-depth discussion on the critical topics of research security and technologies with dual-use potential.


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