Workshop on Science for the Green Transition

Date - 07/09/2021
10:15 - 16:30

The Spanish Research Council (CSIC), the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (FORMAS), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) and Science Europe are co-organising the Workshop on ‘Science for the Green Transition.’ The event, developed under the auspices of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU, will bring forward the perspectives from different actors involved in science policy both, in general and for the Green Transition.

Goals of the Workshop

The workshop aims to study the roles and contributions that national governments, research performers, and research funders can play to help apply and translate scientific knowledge into policies and actions that address the climate crisis. It will demonstrate the importance of drawing on expertise at local, regional, and (inter)national level, and the need to increase co-operation between the research community and policy makers.

The event is organised under the strategic priority to “strengthen the role and contribution of science in tackling societal challenges”, part of the new Science Europe Strategy for 2021–2026. It also marks the launch of the new Science Europe Working Group on the Green and Digital Transition. The outcomes of the workshop will feed into the activities of the Working Group and contribute to shaping the European policy agenda in the area, as well as to the input that Science Europe is preparing in the framework of COP26.

About the Workshop

The workshop will be held as a virtual workshop in two sessions, from 10.15–12.00 CEST and from 14.00–16.30 CEST, both on Tuesday 7 September 2021. Speakers at the event will include:

  • Tomaž Boh, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, Slovenia
  • Peter Gluckman, Centre for Informed Futures, International Network for Government Science Advice, New Zealand

In addition, experts from Science Europe’s Member Organisations, the European Commission, and other European organisations will provide their input on the topic.

Audience of the Workshop

Science policy makers, scientists, administrators, and experts from any relevant field addressing climate change and environmental protection will find in this workshop very relevant sources of information and inspiration.

Speakers with extensive experience in science and science policy will bring participants up to date and inspire future steps for better co-operation between science and policy decision making.

Full agenda of the workshop download here.

Register for this event here.

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