V4 Conference 2021

Date - 29/06/2021
13:30 - 15:00

The aim of the #V4Conference2021 is to bring together a wide range of actors involved in research & innovation in the field of Earth Observations (EOs) with a particular focus on Visegrad Group. In brief, the event shall provide a framework to review a key role of research and innovation for the Copernicus programme.

Participants will have a chance to hear a keynote lecture delivered by Mr Matthias Pertschke (Director – Space, DG DEFIS, European Commission).  In order to put a spotlight on the CEE space sector, a special session will feature success stories of V4-based projects linked to developing, deploying and using global space-based infrastructures as well as Copernicus applications and data. These will exemplify the key contributions of the V4-based sector to the European Green Deal and Space Strategy for Europe. Finally, a roundtable discussion with key European EO actors and stakeholders (e.g. ESA, ESRE, SME4Space) will take place to address the current status and future challenges regarding the R&I activities for and within Copernicus programme. Closing remarks will be provided by Mr Philippe Tulkens (Head of Unit – Climate & Planetary Boundaries, DG RTD, European Commission).

The event shall also serve as an opportunity for networking, mobilising and reinforcing cooperation between European scientists & innovators, research organisations & industry sector as well as various actors in the field of satellite Earth Observations.

Please visit the event website to learn more about the meeting, its agenda and speakers as well as to receive access to documents related to the event topic.

Register today! The registration deadline is 27th June 2021.

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