Mendel Genetics Conference (2022, July 20-23, Brno)

Date - 20/07/2022 - 23/07/2022
All day

A tribute to Gregor Johann Mendel on the bicentennial of his birth

A key interdisciplinary genetics event discussing scientific developments from Mendel’s discoveries to the future. Sessions will focus on the following topics:

  1. Human genetics (inherited diseases, cancer genetics, gene therapy).
  2. Plant genetics, animal genetics, the genetics of microorganisms.
  3. Emerging technologies in genetic research.
  4. Ethical questions in genetics.
  5. Genetics and society.

The history of genetics: the life and legacy of G. J. Mendel.

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Ada E. Yonath, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
Prof. Thomas R. Cech, PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Prof. Sir Paul Nurse, The Francis Crick Institute, UK
Prof. Kim Nasmyth, University of Oxford, UK
Prof. Diana W. Bianchi, MD, National Institute of Child Health and Human
Development, NIH, USA
Prof. Sir Mike Stratton, Wellcome Sanger Institute, UK
Prof. Dr. Jan Korbel, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany
Prof. Dr. Martin Jinek, University of Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Jakub Tolar, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota, USA



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