Driving fossil-free transport by 2050: from words to action

Date - 16/11/2021
10:30 - 12:30

There is no silver bullet to green mobility. From electrification to hydrogen, LNG and biogas, there are already a lot of energy sources available to cut road transport emissions by 90 percent by mid-century. The question is how best to use these greening energy solutions all around Europe?

Questions to be addressed include:

  • How will the transport sector transition toward zero emissions by 2050? How can governments together with energy and mobility experts build a new clean ecosystem for transport?
  • What are some of the parameters that regulators could set for future clean energy emissions levels? Cost? Technological advancement? Carbon footprint?
  • Electrification, hydrogen, LNG: there is no silver bullet solution to green  transport. How to ensure these are renewable energy sources? What is the role of policies in helping develop these solutions while ensuring they are affordable?
  • Not all member countries have incentive schemes. How can the EU avoid a two-speed Europe?
  • Upgrading power grids and cleaning up power generation is hugely expensive, but it’s crucial to electrify transport. Can less-wealthy EU countries afford the change? Where are steeper investments needed to deploy and make charging infrastructures accessible to all ?

Few months after the release of the Commission’s Fit for 55 package, POLITICO convenes top EU policymakers and mobility experts for a frank discussion to unpack greening energy solutions for mobility and freight transport.

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