Practical Guide to the International Alignment of Research Data Management

This resource offers targeted guidance for organisations, scientific communities, as well as individual researchers, to organise research data and preserve it appropriately

Originally released in 2019, and following its successful uptake by many organisations, the extended edition features a brand-new rubric to facilitate the evaluation of a data management plan (DMP). The guide also presents core requirements for DMPs, criteria for the selection of trustworthy repositories, and guidance for researchers to comply with organisational requirements.

The content of this guide has been developed to support researchers in ensuring that data are FAIR, where appropriate. There may be legitimate reasons (including project-specific or privacy-related ones) to delay or restrict access, which calls for a balanced approach towards openness to research data. The guide even goes beyond ‘FAIRness’ on other aspects such as data storage, backup during the project, and long-term preservation.

This guide is divided into four parts:
1. Core Requirements for Data Management Plans: six aspects that every DMP should cover, with detailed guiding questions.
2. Criteria for the Selection of Trustworthy Repositories: four topics detailing criteria that every trusted repository should meet.
3. Guidance for Researchers: more detailed information and examples to support researchers in complying with organisational requirements.
4. Guidance for Reviewers: guidance to support the evaluation of DMPs by reviewers, aligned with the DMP core requirements presented in previous chapters.

You can download full guide here.

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