PARTNER SEARCH TOOL – for Horizon Europe calls

In light of the recent #V4Conference2021 which focused on Earth Observation for citizens and the planet in the framework of the EU Copernicus programme, we would like to invite you to participate in the Partner Search Tool developed jointly by V4 RTD offices in Brussels.

The aim of the tool is to gather relevant stakeholders intending to apply for funding within selected topic of the Destination 5 of the “Digital, Industry and Space” cluster of Horizon Europe. The calls will open on 28th October 2021 with deadlines in February 2022. Details can be found in the relevant Work programme HERE.

This Partner Search Tool shall facilitate networking and mobilising cooperation between European scientists, research organisations, companies and various stakeholders. The tool might be a helpful resource in building future consortia. Based on the feedback received via this Partner Search Tool, a future international networking event might be organised in autumn 2021.

The Partner Search Tool is open to everyone! All information gathered via the tool will be distributed only among participating stakeholders. The tool will remain open until mid-September when a decision on a following networking event shall take place.



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