Open science and data management in Horizon Europe

The importance of science and innovation for the future of Europe cannot be overstated. Therefore, the concrete focus on Open Science in Horizon Europe is a positive step, but fully utilising the potential involves a clear understanding of the specific requirements that apply to Open Science and Data Management projects.

At this webinar, we will examine the changes found in Horizon Europe concerning Open Science with our expert speaker from the European Commission, Mr. Jean- François Dechamp from DG RTD. We will, among other things, look at how the Open Science aspects of projects are evaluated, requirements for Open Access to publications, requirements for Open Access to data, incl. the FAIR principle, repositories etc., and cross-sectoral usability of input-data. We will also discuss which obligations beneficiaries have during and after their projects.

Please be aware that, as the Commission is still finalising certain aspects of Open Science, that some details may be tentative or unavailable at the time of the presentation.

After these segments, there will be a Q&A with the speaker. It will also be possible to ask questions and add comments via the chat function during the presentation.

Speaker: Jean-François Dechamp, DG RTD

Target Audience: Experienced project administrators who are familiar with FP projects from previous participations.

Watch the webinar recording here.


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