New European Bauhaus Prizes 2021

This creative initiative aims to break down boundaries between science and technology, art, culture and social inclusion, to find solutions to transform our living places and make them more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive.

The New European Bauhaus Prizes seek to exemplify how we can achieve this in practice, looking at different dimensions of the challenge and considering both completed projects for the New European Bauhaus Awards and ideas or concepts for the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars.

From 23 April to 1 June 2021 we received a total of 2090 applications for the Prizes. The Evaluation Committee has reviewed them all. The applications that meet the eligibility requirements have been published on a dedicated website that is now open for public voting.

This is where you come in to vote for your favourite projects, concepts, and ideas!

When to vote?
You can vote until 18 June 23:59:59 at the latest.
Friendly advice: don’t leave it to the last minute!

How to vote?
Visit our platform
To be able to validate your vote, you have to select your preferred entry in, at least, 3 categories of the New European Bauhaus Awards and 3 categories of the New European Bauhaus Rising Stars. You can, of course, vote for projects in more categories if you wish so.

Keep in mind that we are looking to award projects which combine, as much as possible, the three core values of the New European Bauhaus – sustainability, inclusion, aesthetics/quality of experience!

After the public vote, the three most voted projects per category in each strand will be assessed by a jury composed of the official Partners of the New European Bauhaus.

New European Bauhaus Prizes 2021

By participating into the public voting for the New European Bauhaus Prizes, you agree not to disseminate further the project examples, ideas, concepts, or any other material shared in the context of the selection process. The use, reproduction, adaptation or publication of the material or their disclosure to third parties is strictly prohibited.

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