Mapping Lithuania’s bio-based potential

Lithuania offers substantial opportunities for the bio-based industry. Situated on the banks of the Baltic Sea, Lithuania’s landscape is a mix of plains and low hills. Almost half of the country is arable land, while around a third of the country is covered by forests.

Agricultureforest-based and chemical industries are among the strong drivers of Lithuania’s economy. Also present are a healthy blue economyfood and beveragesfood-processing and wood-processing industries. A leading role is for the agriculture and food industries with a combined contribution of around 10% of the GDP.

These industries are a sound basis for a bio-based industry in Lithuania. The presence of many international actors in the biotechnology sectors and a well-organised innovation support infrastructure contribute to a significant list of ingredients for a sustainable bio-based sector. In addition, the country is currently drafting a bioeconomy strategy that should be great support for local, regional and national bio-based operations.

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