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The European Commission’s Joint Research Centre is pleased to announce that its course on Science for Policy is open for registration on the new EU Academy platform.

The course is essential for researchers who would like their research results to have greater policy impact, but may not have the know-how to communicate effectively with policymakers.

The scientific world has changed dramatically in recent years. The days when researchers produced reports and expected policymakers to easily digest and act upon them are long gone. Today, time-pressed policymakers have to make sense of an enormous quantity of diverse and fragmented information. As the need for robust evidence to inform policy decisions grows, so too does the demand for effective scientific communication for policy.

The Science for Policy e-learning course provides the skills that researchers need to increase the impact of their research results on policy and society at large. Designed for early to mid-career researchers, the course equips participants with state-of-the art knowledge and best practice examples from the field. Participants engage in interactive games and self-assessments to gauge their progress. The 60 minutes course can be followed at the learner’s convenience and own pace.

Please share the news about this course among your networks. Join the online conversation with the hashtags #science4policy and #euacademy.

Link to the course

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