In order to search for the partner check NTNU tool – Horizon Europe mapping

Through an extensive mapping exercise, the researchers’ interests were matched in the upcoming Horizon Europe calls, based on both their expertise and the industry relations they can bring to the bid.

The collected information has been resumed in a collection of brochures divided per Horizon Europe cluster. These documents are a way to highlight NTNU capabilities and allow everyone to know us with an extra level of detail. 

This does not mean that each document is covering every collaboration possibility that a complex multidisciplinary University of more than 7000 employees has. For this reason, the brochures are upated regularly by adding new researchers’ profiles.

We invite readers of these documents to use our institutional entry points, like our Office in Brussels, in case they should not find an exact match in the presented information but remain keen to open a collaboration dialogue with our Research community.

Cluster 1 Brochure Cluster 3 Brochure Cluster 4 Brochure Cluster 5 Brochure  

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