Experts database

The Research Council of Lithuania (hereinafter – RCL) constantly announces the calls to submit proposals for research projects. The received proposals should be evaluated by the experienced experts and due to this RCL is always looking for willing and available experts who would agree to conduct the tasks of expert assessments both as remote reviewers and as members of the expert panel. If you are interested please register to the RCL Experts Database.

The RCL shall select experts according to their need of expertise. Once you are selected, you will be contacted directly (by phone or e-mail) and informed about the nature of the task, the deadlines of its completion, and the approach. The individuals that have agreed to carry out expert tasks proposed by the RCL shall be concluded a copyright agreement. Before they start, they shall have signed an Undertaking of an expert of the RCL.

Experts shall be paid for the completed tasks. The remuneration for the expert work will be determined according to the number of evaluated proposals, and the panel meetings attended. Please be informed that the experts’ travel and accommodation expenses also will be covered by RCL. After you are registered you can update or add additional personal data at any time using login username, password and personal identification number.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules.

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